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We break those large lump sum essential car costs down into weekly or fortnightly payments, giving our members peace of mind that, when the time comes the cost is already taken care of.


Not only does it make budgeting week to week easier but, we also sort your roadside assistance membership and registration on your behalf making life that extra bit cruizier.

In addition we have just launched "Repair Easy" giving you the option to save a little for your repairs too. Check out the Repair Easy section for more info.

Our Story

Cruize Easy was a small idea of a Taranaki woman Joanne Kuvarji, also known as Kuvarji in 2018.

At the time the idea came about, she was developing a community program for drivers licences when she came to realise that, though locals were able to drive legally, in many cases the vehicles they were driving were unregistered and/or unwarranted. This resulted in them accumulating demerit points, causing them to lose their licence and pay fines, then not being able to afford to get their car "legal."

This took Kuvarji back to a time where she was a solo mother of five children, was working three part-time jobs and was becoming self employed for the first time. She struggled to pay for her registration on her car and more than once, ended up having to use her grocery money to bring it up to date otherwise she would  have no choice but to continue to drive her car in a state that was not roadworthy.

In addition, when service time came around, she simply wouldn't get one because she couldn't afford it resulting in larger issues arising with the vehicle costing a lot more, so she understood how hard it is to try to keep things up to date.

Now that her self employment is successful, she is busier than ever and though she can afford the cost, life is so busy that at times she would simply not notice that the registration was due  and end up with a fine from the local council for an amount larger than the cost of getting the registration itself just for parking in the CBD, so she thought "I can't be the only one".

Kuvarji has since left the trust but always knew how important this would be for those who needed it. Kuvarji approached the trust to see if they were going to use the initial idea, they had decided not to and permitted Kuvarji to use the idea herself.

She moulded it with a new structure, has broadened the membership benefits and here we are with a car maintenance payment plan naming it Cruize easy that works for all walks of life.

In the first year Kuvarji heard the plea of many of her clients, expressing their frustration when their vehicles would break down resulting in them having to pay out large sums or try to find providers that offer credit for them to pay the repairs off.  Once again, Kuvarji decided there must be a way she can help, so she gathered her ideas, worked through the logistics and came up with Repair Easy.

Today with the new Repair Easy working alongside the $100 warrant of fitness repairs already included in Cruize Easy, we are on our way to achieving our goal of more legal, roadworthy cars on New Zealand roads in an affordable and manageable way.

Kuvarji is an Auckland born,  Taranaki raised Mother, Business woman and Community Leader. 


Taking hand in raising fifteen children, Kuvarji is a passionate person who thrives on providing for her family with her four businesses.


With a great head for governance, an analytical mind and a "mover and shaker" personality, Kuvarji loves to support her community in any way she can.

"I love that Cruize & Repair easy not only helps keep our members feel stress free and confident in their vehicle but it helps them cruize through without those lump sums too" says Kuvarji.