• Are there any membership fees? - No, the cruize easy fees are included in the price though the direct debit company Ezidebit does charge some fees as outlined in the terms on the back of the direct debit form.

  • Can you pay in advance?  - Yes you can, up to a maximum of 1 year.

  • What if I sell my car? You can transfer your membership to your new car or the new owner can take over the membership.

  • Can I still go to my current service provider? Yes you can as long as they have a business that can provide an invoice, receipt and GST information.

  • Can I cancel my membership? - Yes you can with giving 14 days notice in writing at any time.

  • Should I cancel my insurance if I sign up? No, Please keep your insurance and if you don't have any we recommend you give AA a call and get some sorted. Cruize Easy caters to your "must have" and "necessary" things you need to have a well cared for, legal, roadworthy vehicle to drive but it does not cover the likes of damage to yours or other vehicles by you or anyone else, nor does it cover loss or theft of the vehicle or anything in it as insurance does so please look at having both if you can afford to do so. Director Kuvarji highly recommends AA Insurance because "as a member myself for 10+ years and all Cruize Easy members being AA members as part of their entitlements, you get a discounts on your insurances but more so, they give exceptional service in all areas of their business, from home to contents and car insurance right through to their roadside assistance" 


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